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Compact and manoeuvrable

Compact construction has made it possible to have a large steering angle, which in turn give a very small turning circle. For crops grown outdoors in fields with short rows this is a very useful feature.

For small plots of land especially, this means that a maximum area can be cultivated. The turning circle radius is only 4.50 metres.

The compact construction does not mean less ground clearance. The clearance is a generous 0.85m and makes it possible to work with a range of different (taller) crops without damage.

Because the wheel motors have been completely hidden in the rim, there is maximum ground clearance across the entire track width.

Variable track width

The Homburg HeroW can be fitted with an optional variable hydraulic track adjustment feature (max. 0.30 m).

This makes it possible, for instance, to have a track width of 1.50m in the field and 1.80m on the road for greater stability. For growers who have different rows of crops this track adjustment comes in very handy. Other track width combinations are available on request.

Homburg Holland specializes in precision farming. All its machines are designed to minimize the impact on the soil and the environment.
Keeping the use of sprays to a minimum and reducing the carbon footprint contribute to optimal results.

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