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Driving comfort

Homburg HeroW is fitted with a hydropneumatically sprung front axle with Automatic Suspension Control (ASC). Depending on the front axle loading the ASC ensures optimal road stability. This means that the boom remains at the correct height both with a full tank or an empty tank.

The booms are suspended with two spiral springs ensuring stable support in the field and when transported on the road. Simplicity and reliability are maintained with this suspension principle, which offers very natural and optimal movement over obstacles. It allows an excellent follow-up of the soil contours for optimum traction and increases the operator’s comfort.

The EasyDrive system ensures that the vehicle can be driven with maximum ease, both in the field and on the road. EasyDrive optimises the capacities of the transmission and the engine. Various functions while driving such as engine speed and rpm regulation, acceleration and operating/road transport modes are  readily programmable.

Powerful Deutz TCD2012 L4 engine

Homburg HeroW is fitted with a modern TDC 2012 L4 Deutz engine:

  • Modern, water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine
  • Turbo with intercooler
  • Robust high-capacity engine: 135 Hp, 99 kW
  • Electronic engine management
  • High-pressure diesel injection with the DEUTZ (DCR®) common rail system

Illustration below: Deutz engine showing in-line hydraulic pumps for
travel drive, air assistance (HARDI TwinForce) and water pump drive,

Multifunction joystick

The multifunction joystick, which controls the hydrostatic drive, allows:

  • Forward and reverse movement
  • Control of the spraying (main on/off and sections on/off)
  • The control of the primary boom hydraulic functions during spraying: boom height, slanting function of centre section, individual tilt of the boom wings

Foam marker | GPS

Homburg can be equipped with a foam marker and/or GPS.

Homburg Holland specializes in precision farming. All its machines are designed to minimize the impact on the soil and the environment.
Keeping the use of sprays to a minimum and reducing the carbon footprint contribute to optimal results.

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