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Optimum visibility

The cabin has been developed with operating comfort as a priority. The driving position offers excellent visibility, space and quietness. The design and positioning of the cab gives optimal front and side visibility, both on the road and in the field and four mirrors give an excellent view to the rear. The front wheels are clearly visible from the cabin: a great advantage, particularly in large-scale outdoor vegetable, cultivation.

The main controls are placed at the right hand side of the driving seat, grouped by function and harmoniously integrated into the HARDI spray computer. Everything is easy to reach from the driver’s seat. As standard, the cab is fitted with tinted glass, heating and air-conditioning with active carbon filters, an adjustable driving wheel and an air suspended seat. For working at night, the controls are back lighted. A sun visor, handy storage pockets and radio pre equipment are fitted as standard in the cab.

The cabin has been fitted with glass all round, including panels on either side of the seat. This gives the best possible view of the front wheels and makes turning into a crop row at the start of a run easier. The cabin is low enough in relation to the tank and boom for the user also to have the clearest possible view of the spraying.

Mirrors and reversing camera

The Homburg HeroW design is aimed at making the work safe under any conditions. Four large electrically adjustable mirrors (two x two, left and right) give excellent vision up close and in the distance (blind angle). The mirrors come with heating as a standard feature. The reversing camera is ideal for showing if there is anything or anyone behind the Homburg HeroW. It means that there is no need to worry about damaging anything while backing. At the same time your own safety and that of anyone nearby is increased. The 7  inch colour LCD screen will give you a more immediate and clearer view of blind angles or children playing behind you.

Tilt steering

Ease of operation is what the Homburg HeroW is all about. The adjustable steering column makes it possible for the steering and operation to be adjusted to suit the individual operator to the greatest degree. By moving the steering column towards the front extra room is created to make it easier to get in and out of the cabin.

Homburg Holland specializes in precision farming. All its machines are designed to minimize the impact on the soil and the environment.
Keeping the use of sprays to a minimum and reducing the carbon footprint contribute to optimal results.

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