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When spraying for weed, fungi and insect control, the greatest effect is gained when spraying pests at their most vulnerable stage. Field timing is the key to getting the best biological effects and is the most secure route to reduced doses. Herbicide doses can often be reduced considerably if the target weeds are at the cotyledenous stage – a difficult challenge since only a few days are then available. These few opportunities to spray are limited with conventional sprayers because of wind or losing time hauling large water volumes to the field.

TWIN FORCE spray booms increase possibilities to spray in higher winds and gain maximum spraying time in the field too. 110° flat fan nozzles spray into a continuous air curtain at a fixed angle to ensure uniform liquid distribution and optimal use of the air assistance. The unique co-angling of air and nozzles compensates for changing wind directions and optimises plant deposits.

Get 50 % more available spraying hours

Spray drift from conventionals sprayer can be so great that the operator has to stop before having the spray job done. With efficient drift control it is much easier for the operator to be able to spray the entire field. Under most conditions the farmers get at least twice as many hours for a safe and efficient spray job with the TWIN sprayer compared to conventional spraying. Maximum wind speed for conventional spraying is estimated to 4 m/s and for TWIN 8 m/s.


TWIN FORCE spraying booms are unique because of the variable angling. This enables the boom to be set at the right spraying angle, depending on wind direction, travel speed and crop type and size. When combined with the right nozzle size optimal penetration of the crop can be achieved.

Less drift

Farmers around the world exploit faster spraying speeds to obtain higher capacity. These trends with conventional sprayers are causing drift concerns, poorer distribution and raising residue damage in high value crops. Poor distribution in the field will affect chemical performance, may cause crop damage and will risk yield loss. TwinForce sprayer users will not have these concerns. The active air assistance forces all the droplets down onto the target surface, and through crop canopies when needed – to both avoid drift but also secure an optimum distribution.

The advantages of HARDI TwinForce

  • 100 % increased capacity: get more hours out of every day, more square metre coverage per tank, fewer litres per hectare [1000 m²]
  • 50 - 90 % reduction in wind drift
  • Better timing
  • Better penetration in dense crops, better coverage
  • Spray targeted more accurately on the desired place: horizontal, vertical and under-leaf
  • Lower dose of chemicals

Homburg Holland specializes in precision farming. All its machines are designed to minimize the impact on the soil and the environment.
Keeping the use of sprays to a minimum and reducing the carbon footprint contribute to optimal results.

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